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Developing a High School Field Hockey Player 2-Pack

FHD-04281A: with Matt Soto,
Penn Manor (PA) High School Head Coach;
2x State Champions; 5x State Finalist; over 600 career victories

Matt Soto presents drills and exercises to strengthen your strikers' and midfielders' goal scoring abilities.

Using on-field demonstrators, Coach Soto presents over 25 practice drills that will strengthen both individual skills and develop your team's ability to control the ball and create more goal scoring opportunities.

Using his high school team, Soto shows how you can use basic skills like hits, pushes and aerial passes to get the ball to the attacking circle. He discusses important receiving skills and how to get the ball into an advantageous position for your attackers to score.

Practice is initiated with simple passing and trapping techniques. These are used as warm-up exercises to prepare players for what will be a challenging, technique-driven practice.

Each exercise builds on the last to further challenge your players' abilities. These carefully thought-out drills continue to develop until the players find themselves efficiently performing highly skilled ball handling drills in a game-like setting.

Throughout these progressions players practice how to fake, double pull, reverse stick techniques, purposely getting the ball into the air, and a number of other advanced skills to help them become better ball handlers. The difficulty of the drills continues as players are expected to move the ball purposefully to advance it down the field in a specifically choreographed manner.

Tipping drills will expose your players to advanced passing techniques that require the passer to "time" the runner as they move down the field together.

A key advantage to this DVD is the impact it will have not only on your individual players, but on your whole offensive unit.

The more advanced drills have the consistent element of getting a striker in position on the far side away from the goalie. By always working towards the far post, players develop their "field vision" and will find better positions on the field. The application of these drills in game situations provides the offense with confidence in knowing where their teammates positioning themselves. Therefore, these drills will provide increased scoring opportunities for the entire team.

Each evolution of drills is presented with clear and well defined expectations that will challenge even experienced players to elevate their standards to meet a higher level of expectations. There are a number of drills described in the video that can be used by players in individual practice while others must be practiced in a group setting.

This video has a wealth of drills you can use to develop your high school players into effective strikers and midfielders. The drill variations will keep your players engaged in working on and improving their skills.

91 minutes. 2013.

FHD-04281B: with Matt Soto,
Penn Manor (PA) High School Head Coach;
2x State Champions; 5x State Finalist; over 600 career victories

Two-time state champion Matt Soto presents drills and exercises designed specifically to strengthen the abilities a goalkeeper.

Coach Soto has designed this progression of drills to continuously build the skills needed to perform the next drill in the series. By practicing these exercises and focusing on the details that Soto stresses, any goalie will improve their ability to keep the ball out of their net

Using on-field demonstration, Coach Soto presents practice drills covering footwork, body positioning and stance that will help your keepers stop shots from various angles and heights. In this DVD you will learn:

  • Pre-practice warm up exercises
  • Lunging and diving techniques
  • Clearing drills
  • Defending against multiple shooters
  • 1 vs 1 breakaway techniques

Practice is initiated with warm-ups structured to reinforce the goalie skill using correct footwork in an effort to properly position the goalie for lunging and stepping into the ball. Warm-ups start with players kicking the ball to each other. Correct foot position and striking the ball with a controlled, deliberate clearing kick is emphasized.

Moving into shooting on goal, the tempo and skill set builds from simply stopping the ball to clearing the ball to a specific area of the field. Players are shown how to clear the ball after a shot and to direct the ball away from the center of the field to the outside of the shooting circle. Goalies who are able to master the techniques shown will effectively decrease their opponents scoring opportunities.

Coach Soto introduces cones that the goalie must move through before stopping shots. This increases the challenge to the goalie and helps them build confidence in their footwork. Soon the drills develop to include shots from two shooters. The drill is structured to force the goalie to quickly move from one side of the net to the other.

All of the drills shown are strictly defined as goalie drills, therefore all shooting is performed to build a goalie-specific skill.

The drills continue to progress by using several players shooting from multiple spots on the field. The goalie must be able to quickly react to the ball, set in a good athletic stance and successfully clear the ball.

Additionally, this DVD provides clearly defined instruction for defending against a break away and 1-on-1 situations.

Whether you are a high school goal keeping coach, a parent helping your young athlete, or a goalkeeper taking charge of improving your skills, the drills in this video will teach you how to achieve your goals.

64 minutes. 2013.

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